Migration Consultants

LibreOffice Certified Migration Consultants

LibreOffice Certified Migration Consultants are individuals who have proven their ability in planning and managing a LibreOffice deployment either in a public administration or in an enterprise. They are able to implement the Migration Protocol provided by The Document Foundation (or a similar migration process).

Therefore, they are able to interact with the LibreOffice project at any level, either directly through their contacts or through mailing lists.

The objective of Certified Migration Consultants is to reduce the impact of the change from proprietary office suites to LibreOffice, to keep the same level of productivity and user satisfaction.

Certified Migration Consultants should be TDF members, although membership is not a pre-requisite. They can be nominated by the Certification Committee for their activity, or they can apply for certification using the certification application form, and subsequently go through the peer-review process organized by the Certification Committee.


.riess applications gmbh

phone +49 (0) 7202 9499 000

Lothar Becker



phone +49 (89) 14360 -454 (en) or -444 (de)

 Marina Latini


Generalitat Valenciana

Pasqual Milvaques Pons


EDX Informatica

phone +55 (21) 2178-9696

Eliane Domingos de Sousa
Olivier Hallot



Enio Gemmo



phone +34 (886) 122307

Carlos Rodriguez 


M.I.C. Consulting

phone +49 (0)611 1885339

Thomas Krumbein



phone +45 3336 9696

Leif Lodahl



phone +31 (026) 3237827

Cor Nouws


OSS Integral Institute Co., Ltd.


Kevin Lin


Provincia di Bolzano / Provinz Bozen

Diego Maniacco
Paolo Dongilli


Studio Storti

phone +39 0444 782140

Antonio Faccioli


Universidade Estadual Paulista

Douglas Vigliazzi
Valdir Barbosa


Università di Perugia

Osvaldo Gervasi



Adriano Afonso

Silva Arapi
phone: +355672000916

Edmund Laugasson
phone: +372 5280479

Eric Ficheux

Franklin Weng
phone +886 939 503 570

Gabriele Ponzo
phone +39 347 7171691

Gustavo Buzzatti Pacheco

Italo Vignoli
phone +39 348 5653829

José Gatica

Shinji Enoki

Sophie Gautier
phone +33 6 83901545


Notes on the aforementioned entries: our list of Certified Migration Professionals is for your information, and not necessarily complete nor up-to-date.

Specifically, The Document Foundation does not recommend nor endorse any of the listed individuals and/or companies. Interested parties are asked to assess individually if the listed companies are suitable for their respective requirements. If you notice mistakes or inaccuracies, please inform us at info@documentfoundation.org.

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