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The following is a list of documents which might be a useful reading for people applying for certification.


Larry Rosen - Open Source Licensing

Raymond Nimmer - Legal Issues in Open Source and Free Software Distribution


AJ Schuler - Overcoming Resistance to Change: Top Ten Reasons for Change Resistance

Cabinet Office Home Office - Open Source Procurement Toolkit

Carlo Daffara/Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona - Open Source Software for Open Government Agencies

CENATIC - Criteria for adopting open source software in Public Administrations

Christos Bouras/Vasileios Kokkinos/Georgia Tseliou - Methodology for Public Administrators for selecting between open source and proprietary software

Curran Hamilton/David Hersh/Jacqueline McPherson/Tyler Mobray - Migrating from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice in an Academic Enterprise Environment

David A. Wheeler - Open Source Software (OSS) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Gijs Hillenius - Governments could save millions by reducing their dependence on a single desktop PC software vendor

HM Government - Open Standard Principles

ICFOSS - Migration of Desktops to Free Software Platforms

Maha Shaikh and Tony Cornford - Total cost of ownership of open source software: a report for the UK Cabinet Office supported by OpenForum Europe

Martti Karjalainen - Large-scale migration to an open source office suite: an innovation adoption study in Finland

Michael Beitler - Overcoming Resistance to Change

UNU-MERIT - Study on the economic impact of open source software on innovation and the competitiveness of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector in the EU


Barbara Ubaldi - Open Government Data: Towards Empirical Analysis of Open Government Data Initiatives

Bob Sutor - Debunking ODF Myths

Bjoern Lundell - Long-term sustainability through Open Source software implementations of open file formats

Daniel Carrera - The Future is Open: what OpenDocument is and why you should care

Edward Macnaghten (ODF Alliance UK Action Group) - Technical Distinctions of ODF and OOXML

HM Government - Open Data White Paper

HM Government - Open Standards in Government IT: a Review of the Evidence

IBM - Emerging business value of OpenDocument format v1.0

IDABC - European Interoperability Framework for Pan European eGovernment Services

J. David Eisenberg - OASIS OpenDocument Essentials (Using OASIS OpenDocument XML)

Lawrence Rosen - Defining Open Standards

Markus Feilner - Complex Singularity vs Openness (open source impeded by incompatibilities and inconsistencies in the Office Open XML document format)

OASIS - Open by Design (The Advantages of the OpenDocument Format)

OASIS - OpenDocument Format for Office Applications

Rishab A. Ghosh - An Economic Basis for Open Standards

Sam Hiser - What is OpenDocument


PDF as a Standard for Archiving

PDF/A in a Nutshell 2.0

The Benefits and Risks of the PDF/A-3 File Format for Archival Institutions


Jonas Gamalielsson and Bjoern Lundell - Open Source communities for long-term maintenance of digital assets: what is offered for ODF and OOXML?

Jonas Gamalielsson and Bjoern Lundell - Sustainability of Open Source Software Communities Beyond a Fork: how and why has the LibreOffice project evolved?

Karl Fogel - Producing OSS

Lydia Pintscher - Open Advice

Paul Dravis - Open Source Software

Red Hat - The Open Source Way


Bernard John Poole - Essential LibreOffice Tutorials for Teachers

FAO - E-Learning Methodologies. A Guide for Designing and Developing E-Learning Courses

Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Training Evaluation in Detail

Mo Hamza - Developing Training Material Guide

The eLearning Guild’s - Handbook of e-Learning Strategy