Application Form for LibreOffice Certification

The application form must be filled by individuals willing to be certified by The Document Foundation (TDF) as Migration Experts or Training Experts, according to LibreOffice Certification Program. Developers willing to be certified do not have to fill the application form, unless they want to be certified as Migration Experts or Training Experts. Developers’ certification is handled by invitation by TDF Certification Committee.

Although open to every individual, LibreOffice Certification is completely different from commercial certification. TDF is looking for something more than project management, migration, training or technical skills. TDF is looking for LibreOffice Ambassadors, able to provide value added professional services to grow the LibreOffice ecosystem.

Individuals willing to be certified should be already active in the field of migrations from proprietary software and large deployments of LibreOffice, and/or LibreOffice training programs of any kind (withing a migration or a large deployment, or a training school).

Before filling the application form, candidates will have to check their eligibility by carefully reading the Certification Pre-Requisites. In addition, they should become familiar with the Certification Code of Conduct, which provides a guidance for their behaviour as certified professionals.

Candidates will be evaluated during a Peer-to-Peer Review, based also on their familiarity with the Migration Protocol and the Training Protocol.

Individuals not eligible according to the Certification Pre-Requisites, because they were not able to get the appropriate training at local level, but equally willing to apply for LibreOffice Certification, should reach the Certification Committee by sending an email to certification@libreoffice.org.

Please insert the required information into the fields below. Please read and follow the explanation on the form, in order to provide the correct information and/or documents.

Mandatory fields are marked by an asterisk (*).

Name and Email Address

Please provide your name and email address. We need this information to identify you within the LibreOffice/FLOSS community.

Only your name and surname will be published on the Certification pages of The Document Foundation and LibreOffice websites. All other information will be used by the Certification Committee and will not be made public.

Which Certification are you applying for?


Certification Pre-Requisites

Please check the Certification Pre-Requisites for certification eligibility. For any doubt, please get in touch with the Certification Committee by sending an email to certification@libreoffice.org.

Usernames and Activity within the LibreOffice/FLOSS community

Usernames are used to verify your activity within the LibreOffice/FLOSS community. You may include usernames from systems like git, pootle, wiki, etc.

Please provide a short description of your activity within the LibreOffice/FLOSS community, in order to help the Certification Committee determine your eligibility.

If you are a TDF Member, you can simply enter “TDF Member since [date]”. If you are not a TDF Member, but you are a member of another FLOSS foundation or not for profit organization, or simply an active FLOSS contributor, you must provide these information.

If you are neither a TDF Member nor an active project contributor, you should motivate your application by providing the reasons why you want to get the LibreOffice Certification.

If possible, please list TDF Members who can confirm your contributions, or - as an alternative - indicate to the Certification Committee the best way to verify your contributions.

Professional Experience

Please provide a thorough description of your professional activity in LibreOffice Migration and/or Training Projects, in order to help the Certification Committee determine your eligibility for LibreOffice Certification.

For each project, please provide a general description (eg, organization, number of desktop migrated to LibreOffice, number of users trained in LibreOffice Writer, Calc and Impress, etc.), and a description of your role within the project.

You should also send with a separate email to certification@libreoffice.org the documents you deem relevant to assess your role within the project (eg, the migration plan, the evaluation of interoperability issues with third party software, the slides of training classes, etc). These documents will be handled by the Certification Committee as strictly confidential, and will not be circulated outside the Certification Committee.


The official language of the LibreOffice project is English, which is also the preferred language for LibreOffice Certification.

In fact, all services provided by The Document Foundation - which should be accessed by migration and training professionals on a regular basis (for instance, to submit a bug or to interact on mailing lists - are in English, which makes English extremely important for LibreOffice Certification.