The Foundation

The Foundation is a charitable Foundation under German law (gemeinnützige rechtsfähige Stiftung des bürgerlichen Rechts), which owns assets and conducts financial and legal transactions on behalf of the Community.


The manifesto is also available as a PDF from our website.

Our values

We commit ourselves:

to eliminate the digital divide in society by giving everyone access to office productivity tools free of charge, to enable them to participate as full citizens in the 21st century

to support the preservation of mother tongues by encouraging all peoples to translate, document, support, and promote our office productivity tools in their mother tongue

to allow users of office productivity software to retain the intellectual property in the documents they create, by use of open document formats and open standards

to an open and transparent peer-reviewed software development process where technical excellence is valued

We reject:

the ownership of office productivity tools by monopoly suppliers, which imposes a de-facto tax on global electronic free speech and penalises the economically disadvantaged

the creeping domination of computer desktops by a single language, forcing people to learn a foreign language before they can express themselves electronically

the ownership of file formats by proprietary software companies - documents belong to their creators, not software vendors

a closed software development process where errors can lie hidden and poor quality is accepted

Our way of working

Our core values lead us to believe in the following way of working: