Membership Committee

The role of the Membership Committee is defined in the Foundation's Statutes.

The mission of the MC is to administer membership applications and renewals following the criteria defined in the Foundation's Statutes.

 Membership Committee Members

Gabriele Ponzo
Gabriele Ponzo

Chairman of the MC

An early adopter from the StarOffice days, he joined Progetto Linguistico Italiano OpenOffice during the 2009 Conference in Orvieto, and has been part of community until LibreOffice was born. Training and support are his most common activities and he's been working on LibreUmbria and LibreDifesa projects as a teacher.

He is a founder of LibreItalia, where he's also been in the Board of Directors. His contributions are mostly speaking at conferences, some translations, and user support on the Italian and international mailing lists, G+ community. Certified Trainer and Migration Expert from February 2015.

Gustavo Buzzatti Pacheco

Gustavo worked as consultant for, (the Brazilian version of and LibreOffice for 12 years. As consultant, he has been involved in more than 200 migration projects in Brazil. During this time, he contributed as a voluntary in many areas of the project (documentation, marketing, digital inclusion,...). At present, he is working as systems analyst at the IT Foundation of the Municipality of Canoas and his collaborative work is related with some extensions that he has developed. He is also the hand behind of two instances of ODF Validators and the @opendocument account on Twitter.

Miklos Vajna

Miklos got involved with development in 2010 when he
completed two Google Summer of Code projects to improve the RTF
import/export filter of Writer. Later he became a full-time LibreOffice
Writer hacker for SUSE, now a contractor at Collabora.

Stephan Bergman

Stephan Bergmann is a long-time contributor to the LibreOffice — and before that StarOffice/ — source code. He is employed by Red Hat, Inc., and lives in Hamburg, Germany. He is also a member of the TDF Developer Certification Committee. 

Klaus Juergen Weghorn
Klaus-Jürgen Weghorn

Starting with the comment "There is a mistake on webpage" on the German mailing list, Klaus-Jürgen as a normal user got involved step-by-step in the project work of and LibreOffice; first in localized and later in international work on the wiki, website, design, documentation and marketing.



Membership Committee Deputies

Cherles H. Schulz
Charles-H Schulz

Charles-H Schulz is one of the co-founders of the LibreOffice project and used to be a contributor of the project. These days he is mostly involved in comms and marketing for the community.

Antonio Faccioli

Enthusiast free software activist for twenty years. I'm a LibreItalia member from 2014/09/01 and TDF member from 2015/01/01. I'm taking care of “Growing up on bread and free software”, the association's project for Italian schools and I attended LibreDifesa, the migration to ODF and LibreOffice of Italian Ministry of Defense.

I have been a user of LibreOffice since its origin and from a pair of years I participate as a volunteer in the Italian translation group. From January 2016 I'm a LibreOffice Certified Professional Trainer and Migration. I'm currently working at Studio Storti in the LibreOffice Division and contribute to the channel “Open4Business” of Techeconomy.




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