Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (or "BoD") is the Foundation's Board of Directors, the main administration of the Foundation's projects and teams. Directors are directly elected by Community Members. The Board of Directors consists of seven (7) members and three (3) deputies. The Board of Directors may launch any other teams or committees ad hoc if necessary.

Board Members

Thorsten Behrens

Thorsten Behrens (Chairperson)

CEO at allotropia software GmbH

Thorsten was part of the project almost from the start when he joined the then-Sun Microsystems development team back in early 2001. He's a computer scientist by education, and a Free Software enthusiast by heart, a geek from early childhood - and someone who was lucky enough to turn a hobby into an occupation.

During his more than 20 years of tenure in the project, he's spent most of his time hacking the code in areas ranging from the build system and platform abstraction libraries, all the way up to Impress and Writer. Thorsten is a former member of the OASIS ODF technical committee, and also participated in the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 34 working group 4. Nowadays, he's running his own company, allotropia software, dedicated to provide top-tier consulting around Open Source and Open Standards.

Paolo Vecchi

Paolo Vecchi

Omnis Cloud Sarl

Paolo is based in Luxemburg and his two organisations, Omnis Systems Ltd (UK) and Omnis Cloud Sarl (LU), are specialised in the promotion of Open Source and Free Software platforms. During the last years, he wrote many articles promoting Open Source, Free Software and naturally LibreOffice.

Many of you may also know him from FOSDEM and the LibreOffice Conference. Paolo has been a part of the working group that succeed in convincing the UK Government to adopt ODF as their standard file format, convinced the City Council of Reggio Emilia to upgrade to LibreOffice and contributed in writing the Manifesto for Technological Sovereignty with the City Council of Barcelona - just to mention some of the activities.

He is contributing to the LibreOffice project by investing time and resources to work with the private and public sector organisations showing them the social, ethical and economical benefits of replacing proprietary products with Open Source platforms and open standards.


Jan 'Kendy' Holešovský


Jan (also known as Kendy) is with LibreOffice since the very first day, but he started contributing to already in 2003. He was involved in development of many parts of LibreOffice - the KDE integration, x86-64 port, DOCX export, user interface and usability in general, and more.

Jan works for Collabora Productivity as an Engineering Manager, and previously served in the TDF Board of Directors as a member and as a deputy.


Emiliano Vavassori

Senior system administrator, volunteer

Emiliano is a senior system administrator, employed in a small company based in Bergamo, in the North of Italy, with its core business in providing ICT services for SMB companies.

In the last few years, he was involved in FOSS advocacy also inside schools, founding and leading the LibreSchool Project with a group of friends and colleagues from his LUG.


Caolán McNamara (Deputy Chairperson)

Red Hat, Inc.


Cor Nouws

Principal at Nou&Off, marketing at Collabora

Cor Nouws is one of the founding members of The Document Foundation. Before starting with LibreOffice, Cor Nouws has contributed for years to, among others as the community representative in the Community Council. For LibreOffice, he continues supporting marketing, QA and other areas, as he did before the free-making of His involvement in the free office community is a natural combination with his position as founder of the Dutch consulting firm Nou&Off, leading in training and migrations for LibreOffice, and in the past. He is dedicating a part of his time to marketing for Collabora.


László Németh

NISZ [independent contractor providing services to NISZ Zrt., Hungary]


Board Deputies


Gábor Kelemen

allotropia GmbH


Ayhan Yalçınsoy

Pisi GNU/Linux

Ayhan is one of the members of The Document Foundation. He has been translated LibreOffice UI and Help System since 2010. In addition, he translate the LibreOffice Guides to Turkish and organize translating of it. He is also member of the Pisi GNU/Linux developer team. Ayhan knows C++ and Python at beginner level. He was graduated Doctoral degree of Business and Administration in 2017.


Gabriel Masei

Senior C/C++ developer at 1&1 Internet Development Romania SRL

He is a developer for more than 17, years and his technology experience spans from machine code to HTML - but most of it is C/C++. In this time he worked on different projects at different companies starting with computer benchmark software, continuing with NLP (Natural Language Processing) projects in a Research and Development department, development of Cubrid RDBMS (Relational DataBase Management System), development of remote control project and, finally, starting with spring of 2018, he’s working at his current employer, 1&1, where he integrates Collabora Online into company’s Online Office products. Here it was the first time when he came in contact with LibreOffice community where he contributes as developer and member of the ESC.


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