Application Form for The Document Foundation Membership:

Please see the statutes of the foundation to learn how we’re set up and what our goals, objectives and bodies are, backed by our strong membership base. For your convenience, we also provide a short introduction to our statutes.

Our wiki gives a short explanation about the roles of membership and the conditions for membership, that are about actually helping within TDF or its projects, based on the principles of meritocracy.

Please read and follow the explanation on the form below, and then give the required information, so that we can easily handle your application.

Mandatory fields are marked by an asterisk (*).

Type of Application*

Renewal of TDF Membership

Feel free to be brief

If you are an existing TDF Member and would just like to renew your application, you are requested to fill in the application form with a few details of your latest contributions (no need to be verbose).

Personal Information

Please provide your name and email address. We need this information to identify you in our community votes.

Only your name and surname will be published at The Document Foundation website. All other information will be used by the Membership Committee only and will not be published.

Statutes and Commitment

Please read the Foundation’s Statutes. Members make a best-effort commitment to contribute to TDF projects for the length of at least six (6) months.

Usernames and Contributions

Usernames at TDF are used to verify your contributions. You may include usernames from systems like git, pootle, wiki, etc.

Please provide a description of your past and present contributions, including a rough timeline to help the Membership Committee determine your eligibility for TDF Membership. Remember that various kinds of contribution to The Document Foundation projects count. So if you do either code development, packaging, design, quality assurance, marketing, localization or end user support on mailing lists, you are definitely invited to apply!

When possible, please give public URL(s) to help the MC to verify contributions.

Please list at least two active project members who can confirm your contributions, or can suggest the best way for the Membership Committee to verify your activity. You shoud provide their name and e-mail address, and a brief description of their role (as a reference for your contributions). At least one contact is mandatory.

Other Comments