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The idea behind The Document Foundation is already supported by many organisations. Stay tuned - many more will come.

4Linux "We welcome LibreOffice and The Document Foundation", says Rodolfo Gobbi, Director 4Linux, "4Linux is the Brazilian leader in open source training and consulting services, and our commitment to use, help to spread and support both ODF and Free Software is very aligned with The Document Foundation and we are very happy to help the success of LibreOffice."

A statement from the French AFUL is available from their website.

ALTA "ALTA - Associação Libre de Tecnologias Abertas was created to become a excellence center to support and develop initiatives in the Brazilian opensource communities. ALTA was founded by three TDF Members and is fully committed to the same vision as The Document Foundation. We look forward a full and intense cooperation with TDF", says Olivier Hallot, founder of ALTA and Executive Director.
April A statement from April is available from their website.
BSRSoft LTDA "Both the creation of the foundation, as the birth of LibreOffice, is great news for the market of free software. Companies like BSRSoft, providing services and products based entirely on free software, see the project as the best way to achieve productivity solutions free a new technical level, and increase the security of continuity", says André Luis Pereira dos Santos, CEO of BSRSoft LTDA
Bytemark "Bytemark uses and recommends LibreOffice, but that's not really the point" says Dan Shearer, Open Source Manager at Bytemark Hosting "The real win is the increased momentum and confidence LibreOffice has brought to the Open Document Format, while allowing us to interoperate with various legacy formats."
Canonical Mark Shuttleworth, founder and major shareholder of Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu, has declared: "Office productivity software is a critical component of the free software desktop, and the Ubuntu Project will be pleased to ship LibreOffice from The Document Foundation in future releases of Ubuntu. The Document Foundation's stewardship of LibreOffice provides Ubuntu developers an effective forum for collaboration around the code that makes Ubuntu an effective solution for the desktop in office environments".
Capsule Web LibreOffice is the tool we use most at Capsule Web and Capsule SEO. Every document we produce is built with LibreOffice and stored on our cloud and we're a paperless company so we use lots of files. We are glad to be part of the project and we promote LibreOffice to our clients and partners. Keep up the awesome work!
CatN Hosting "I'm really proud to support The Document Foundation with CatN. It's really important to me that as a business we are helping community supported software suites be developed to a standard that puts them alongside or above their commercial and closed-source counterparts. The Foundation achieves this through collaboration, self-governance and community support, and I'm really happy to be able to help such an inspiring cause." Joe Gardiner - CatN Hosting - General Manager -
CIB software GmbH
For over a quarter of a century, the CIB Group has come to be a leading developer of standardized document lifecycle management applications and consulting. Throughout this time we have continuously striven to protect our clients investments and improve the interoperability of document workflow. In this light it was only natural for us to push forward with a commitment to Libre Office.
CloudOn At CloudOn, we aspire to be in a world of open and free software. We have always supported a free model for software paid by premium service offerings and have gone to lengths to partner with other platforms to make the user experience convenient, open and easy. We're proud to be a part of The Document Foundation and hope to partner with all members to build a magic and mobile productivity experience for users.
Codethink "We are delighted to see LibreOffice gaining new momentum" says Rob Taylor, Codethink's Founder and CTO, "As a company that helps customers to leverage the open source developement model, we think that a truly open community will generate a great ecosystem around the project, of which we hope to be part. Codethink is pleased to be able to provide its development services around LibreOffice."
Collabora "The LibreOffice project is great news for the open source community, both on the desktop and further afield" said Robert McQueen, Director at Collabora. "We have always believed that the open source projects with true open governance and diverse participation are the most vibrant and valuable to the community, allowing them to be supported by a range of different business models."
credativ credativ is an independent consulting and services company specialising in the development, implementation and support of open source solutions. As a long term contributor to the project and Free Software, credativ welcomes the foundation as an opportunity to provide a new focus for the community contributors and allow them to move the project forward together, UK managing director Chris Halls said "We've seen a foundation and community oriented model benefit other projects that we contribute to. In our business we support thousands of office desktops in many different environments. It is vital that the feedback and code that we can contribute as part of our day to day work can flow easily into the project".
DeviceVM "We applaud this move to create the Document Foundation to ensure that successful open source projects continue to thrive with active community involvement. We recognize the importance of delivering a competitive productivity suite for the ultimate advancement and adoption of Linux, and wish the newly formed Foundation continued success", says Mark Lee, CEO & President DeviceVM, Inc.
El Dabe Law Firm "It is great to see open source software is still going strong. El Dabe Law Firm has made LibreOffice an integral part of its daily office activities. When open communities are in control, software problems and demands get met more quickly." 
eOffice Network Tom Gordon, founder and CEO of eOffice® Network, the Original Online Office Network(TM), says: "In the open-source world of Office Productivity, freedom hails from three absolutely essential camps: Operating Systems, Office Suites, and now Online Office Networks. The Document Foundation has stepped forward as THE ring bearer of freedom for the Office Suite group – what a courageous move! Our support for their success plays an important role in our own nascent effort to unify these three camps under one Constitutional Flag with something we call the eOffice® Group, a Constitutional Community Enterprise. Rock On Guys! . . . rock on.".
French community Speaking for the group of volunteers, Sophie Gautier - a veteran of the community and the former maintainer of the French speaking language project - has declared: "We believe that the Foundation is a key step for the evolution of the free office suite, as it liberates the development of the code and the evolution of the project from the constraints represented by the commercial interests of a single company. Free software advocates around the world have the extraordinary opportunity of joining the group of founding members today, to write a completely new chapter in the history of FLOSS".
FSF FSF President Richard Stallman welcomed LibreOffice release and it's stated policy of only recommending free software. "I'm very pleased that the Document Foundation will not recommend nonfree add-ons, since they are the main freedom problem of the current OpenOffice.org. I hope that the LibreOffice developers and the Oracle-employed developers of OpenOffice.org will be able to cooperate on development of the body of the code".
FSF HU "As we have been devoted supporters of free software for a long time, we are proud that we can continue our work, which we started 8 years ago with OpenOffice.org, in a more open fashion with LibreOffice. We keep on supporting the free office software with localization, bugfixes, and innovative development in order to contribute to its success in Hungary and worldwide."
Erdei Csaba
The GNOME Foundation "We welcome the LibreOffice project to the free software community as we believe there is a great opportunity for them to enrich the free desktop experience." says Stormy Peters, Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation. "Over the years the GNOME community has been supportive of OpenOffice.org together with applications in the GNOME Office suite, such as Gnumeric, GnuCash and Abiword. As LibreOffice joins the free software community, we believe that free desktop users will benefit from a rich set of choices."
Google Chris DiBona, Open Source Programs Manager at Google, Inc., has commented: "The creation of The Document Foundation is a great step forward in encouraging further development of open source office suites. Having a level playing field for all contributors is fundamental in creating a broad and active community around an open source software project. Google is proud to be a supporter of The Document Foundation and participate in the project".
Gabriel Gurley "I am proud to support the founding of The Document Foundation and its development of LibreOffice for office productivity users. I recommend teachers, students, parents and school administators to evaluate LibreOffice as an instructional resource for successful learning." said Gabriel Gurley, Educator and Author, gabrielgurley.com.
Grey Law When it comes to office productivity software there are none better than the LibreOffice effort and TDF. Grey Law is proud to support both and believes we are at the dawn of a new age in open source software and freedom
GreekLUG The "Association of Greek Users & Friends of FLOSS" (GreekLUG) is a Greek NGO/ non-profit organization, actively promoting and providing support both to Free Software and to Open Standards. We are delighted to express our full support to The Document Foundation and to the development of LibreOffice, a project that perfectly embodies all the principles of the Free Software Community. It delivers a great Office suite, genuinely vendor-independent and relying with self confidence on the collaborative effort of all human resources in the Community. We feel it represents the best possible guarantee of long-term success of the project. As we share the same principles, our Association strongly applauds this move. We are, therefore, very happy to declare our commitment to use, help to spread and support LibreOffice. We are looking forward to cooperating and helping out in all possible ways.
Grupo Informáticode Ecuador-Sudaméricao  La llegada de LibreOffice marca un hito en el desarrollo de la humanidad en lo referente al uso de tecnologías y su libertad intrínseca. Nos sentimos alentados con la presencia de "The Document Foundation" y su grupo de técnicos, visionarios e innovadores que nos han puesto a transitar por terrenos sólidos, con la esperanza de un futuro brillante. Salud por ello!

The arrival of LibreOffice marks a milestone in the development of humanity in relation to the use of technology and its intrinsic freedom. We are encouraged by the presence of the Document Foundation and its group of technicians, visionaries and innovators who have enabled us a concrete transition with the hope of a bright future. Long life for it! (Grupo Informáticode Ecuador-Sudamérica)
Harrison Bodell LPP Harrison & Bodell LLP is proud to join the open source movement by utilizing LibreOffice and The Document Foundation. We are confident that open source programs and software will continue to gain momentum and set the standard for office productivity software.
Igalia "We greatly value The Document Foundation's ongoing work to provide and promote Free and Open Source software, ensuring everyone has access to high-quality, standards-based productivity tools." said Andrés Gómez, Igalia partner and developer. "That the Foundation accomplishes its misson through self-governance, helping community members reach their fullest potential as contributors, makes Igalia all the more proud to be able to collaborate in LibreOffice's development and support."
IST planbar GmbH IST planbar GmbH is a subsidiary company of RE/init e.V., a German non-profit organization, and was established to promote development and implementation of open source software in education and welfare. "The Document Foundation is a great chance for more innovation and a really open community" said Lars Wohlfahrt, Director at IST planbar GmbH. "We believe that the most valuable open source projects are always based upon a true free spirit and manifold participation - so this is a huge step forward for open source software."
Lanedo   Lanedo is a successful European company with a history in Open Source and Free Software consultation since 2005. "We welcome the truly open development model around LibreOffice and are passionate about contributing to a project we use in our business on a daily basis" said Tim Janik, Managing Director at Lanedo GmbH. "Lanedo is happy to participate in building an open, vendor-independent ecosystem around LibreOffice and provides development resources and support services to everyone looking to improve their LibreOffice experience."
Liberix "Liberix is a Czech non-profit organization that provides active support for free and open source software. We use and promote free software tools – an office suite is the key part of a modern desktop. We welcome the new opportunity and are ready to collaborate with The Document Foundation. We believe in free and open technologies. Along that line, we organized a donation of a build machine for LibreOffice Linux release builds, with the help of Thomas Krenn AG (hardware), Palacký University, Olomouc (UPOL) (connectivity and power), and Milan Kozák (work)." said Vlastimil Ott, director at Liberix, o.p.s.
Linagora "We were waiting for the Document Foundation since Sun made StarOffice free software." said Michel Loiseleur, Director of Run Services at Linagora, "Contributing to a vendor neutral foundation is clearly easier and better for an open source project. Linagora is proud to participate in the project through its Open Source Software Assurance."
lpOD "The lpOD project hails the birth of the Document Foundation, and believes it is a symbol of digital freedom." said Luis Belmar-Letelier, leader of the lpOD Project and CEO of Itaapy, "The lpOD project looks forward to the success of The Document Foundation and is interested in contributing to the foundation's projects."
Mageia "After the announcement of LibreOffice, Mageia decided to give full official support to this new project. There are obvious similarities between the histories of Mageia and LibreOffice. Because both projects futures were unclear, teams decided – in both projects respectively – to create a fork that respects the FOSS (Free Open Source Software) principles and sets a more predictable governance model that relies on its community. We believe LibreOffice will be a great success for developers and users alike and that it will provide full and efficient document-processing applications based on open standards. We look forward to packaging, and contributing to the LibreOffice project and we will provide it in the upcoming Mageia releases."
Monty Program AB "We are excited about the LibreOffice project", says Monty, founder and creator of MySQL and MariaDB. "To do our part with for the project we are committed to integrate and provide excellent support for MariaDB, (the successor of MySQL from the same people that created MySQL) for LibreOffice. This includes among other things a new LGPL C drivers to connect to MariaDB or MySQL and provide bug fixing for any bug in MariaDB that seriously affects LibreOffice."
MOTAH at KACST "LibreOffice project is really terrific not only because it provide free software to people, but also because it teaches us how to work and collaborate freely, and how to unite together to support our beliefs despite the long distance that is separating us", said Abdulrahman Alarifi, MOTAH program director at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology "We are proud to join LibreOffice team and work jointly to provide the community with a powerful and gorgeous LibreOffice application"
NeoOffice Patrick Luby, Chief Engineer of NeoOffice says "I am happy to see a new, independent LibreOffice foundation to continue creating an office suite with enhanced features, pushing OpenOffice.org in new, exciting directions".
Ed Peterlin, Chief Visionary at NeoOffice says "I am excited we will be able to continue bringing excellent features from LibreOffice to the Mac platform. In the future I also hope to extend our web based collaboration tools to support LibreOffice users on all platforms".
New America Foundation The Open Technology Initiative is a project of New America Foundation which formulates policy and regulatory reforms to support open architectures, technologies and communication. "Open tools and standards are essential for facilitating communication and collaboration throughout the global society," says Josh King, Technologist at OTI. "It's exciting to see one of the most widely respected open platforms in the world gain a strong new voice and direction."
Working with OASIS "The Document Foundation supports the Open Document Format, and is keen to work at OASIS to the next evolution of the ISO standard", says Charles Schulz, member of the Community Council and lead of the Native Language Confederation. "The Document Foundation brings to the table the point of view of developers, supporters and users, and this might accelerate the adoption process of ODF at government and enterprise level".
Ozgur Yazilim A.S. "Open standards backed by open software for an open and transparent society made up of open minded people... Believing that this cause will be well served by LibreOffice and the Document Foundation, we prepared training materials (in Turkish) for LibreOffice, proudly made it freely available for anyone, and opened our training materials project to contribution from anyone who want to support others using LibreOffice. We believe long term success of LibreOffice and the Document Foundation also depend on acceptance by the commercial companies, which lies in parallel with the consultancy and migration services we provide for companies that would like to start using LibreOffice." said Erek Göktürk, CEO, Özgür Yazılım AŞ
OpenDocument Fellowship "The Document Foundation is an exciting step towards a large, active and diverse community developing the OpenOffice.org codebase. This means nothing but good things for the broader ODF ecosystem" said Ryan Singer, Co-founder, OpenDocument Fellowship
Open Framework Systems as "We believe this is a step in the right direction and a cooperation with The Document Foundation will make it easier to create more innovative and userfriendly soloutions We have developed a secure real time Collaboration solution for OpenOffice and MS Office and a centralized administration module for OpenOffice. We believe that it will be easier to develop these products further when we have fewer rights barriers and a more open access to the code and standards."
Karl Morten Ramberg
Freies Office Deutschland e.V. The Freies Office Deutschland e.V. has been a supporter of The Document Foundation from the very beginning, acting as interim legal entity.
OOoES "After 10 years of work in the OpenOffice.org, this is the natural evolution of the community. Having the legal means of a foundation to guarantee today and in the future the freedom of the application. This anniversary is really to be cheerful and from OOoES, we are convinced of this." said Roman Gelbort, OOoES founding member
"I congratulate the efforts to finally go ahead with the plans of an independent foundation and I think that with the 10 year anniversary a new era in OpenOffice.org to grow and become even more free and open to a mature community that has achieve the wide spread recognition of its product. I applaud the efforts of such and want to provide the resources and support from OOoES." said Alexandro Colorado, OOoES president
OOo Turkey/ LKD "After passing the ownership of Sun Microsystems to Oracle, the future of OpenOffice.org project have become unclear for Turkish Free Software communities and supporters. We are very pleased to hear the establishment of the Document Foundation towards an active community with a well established organization listening to requirements of end users. We also support the new project, LibreOffice, comprising of invaluable voluntary efforts of free developers which meets requirements of companies and end users for more than 10 years. We believe that this big step is a chance to develop new opportunities for developing a truly independent office solution. Sharing the similar values and objectives, we warmly welcome this initiative as we look forward to being an active supporter of The Document Foundation community."
Volkan Evrin, General Secretary LKD & Gorkem Cetin, coordinator of OOo Turkey community
OPS Consulting "The creation of The Document Foundation is a great achievement and the next logical step for driving the development of the LibreOffice Suite. We at OPS Consulting, a provider of support, consulting and training services for the Suite, are very happy to support the new Foundation, in the hope to contribute to its success", says Ramon Sole, CEO of OPS Consulting
OSBA Office Interop Working Group "Despite all web and cloud hype there is still the need for a solid and feature-rich open source desktop office suite such as LibreOffice. The Document Foundation provides a great platform to bundle interests, coordinate initiatives, and connect LibreOffice people - developers and community contributors as well as private and institutional users." says Dr. Matthias Stürmer, working group leader "Office Interoperability" of the Open Source Business Alliance.
Open Source Business Foundation "The Open Source Business Foundation welcomes the foundation of the LibreOffice project because it will help to develop one of the most prominent open source flagships further. We are confident that the Document Foundation will prove with LibreOffice that open source software can surpass closed source software because of a superior development process" says Richard Seibt, CEO of Open Source Business Foundation e.V.
Open Source Consortium The Open Source Consortium (OSC) is the UK trade association that represents companies that deliver solutions and advice based on Open Standards and Free & Open Source Software. We campaign ceaselessly for the use of Open Standards in all aspects of public and commercial life and promote the unique advantages of Free & Open Source Software. Gerry Gavigan, OSC chair, declared that a Foundation free from single vendor control mirrors the multi-vendor support for ODF and provides a even stronger case for adoption of both thoughout the public sector.
Open Source Initiative "The Open Source Initiative has observed a trend back towards open collaborative communities for open source software," said Simon Phipps, a Director of the Open Source Initiative. "We welcome this new initiative and look forward to the innovation it is able to drive with a truly open community gathered around a free software commons, in the spirit of the best of open source software."
P2P Foundation "The P2P Foundation is glad to know the emergence and increasingly growth of the LibreOffice project and The Document Foundation initiative. Be believe that FLOSS is stronger when communities are in control of the communal resource their share, Free Software in this case."
The Learning Machine The Learning Machine is an awarding organisation accredited by the UK government that supports learning about and with Open Systems and Free Software. Chief Assessor Ian Lynch who was instrumental in setting up the Open Document Fellowship to provide early independent support for ISO 26300 said: "We are committed to social and digital inclusion and we will do all we can to help make The Document Foundation successful."
The Norwegian foundation The Norwegian foundation "Åpne kontorprogram på norsk" ("Open Office Suites In Norwegian") is responsible for the Norwegian translation of OpenOffice.org, and for promoting OpenOffice.org in Norway. So far the Norwegian project has been administered and financed mainly by counties and municipalities, but recently the foundation has started a process for getting commercial companies more actively involved. We realise the need for a more substantial commercial participation to establish a long-term sustainable project.
Our foundation notes that the other Nordic countries, a majority of the European countries, as well as a range of worldwide big companies like Google, Novell, Canonical and Red Hat are now cooperating with The Document Foundation. We believe this is the right way forward also for Norway.
A cooperation with The Document Foundation will make it easier to create more innovative and user-friendly solutions integrated with the LibreOffice suite. Eliminating license barriers and obtaining easy access to source code and standards will facilitate further development of related and integrated surrounding products.
RPA RusBITech We are proud of joining to TDF community and participating LibreOffice development. RPA RusBITech is creating and supporting its own key-product Astra Linux based on Debian GNU/Linux. And LibreOffice is used as one of main applications for our customers. RPA RusBITech developers like to use all LibreOffice advantages. We have a great plan to provide to advance LibreOffice throughout Russia.
RedFlag2000 "We'd love to see that TDF is getting stronger and are proud that we will be part of it" said Youbing Jin, President, RedFlag2000 Software Co,.Ltd "RedFlag2000 is making its efforts to the open community and will continue to contribute to the much more energetic, pragmatic community. We believe these people have the same spirit: to make things happen."
Red Hat "All over the world, users, companies and governments are moving to innovative technology solutions based on Open Standards. Red Hat is proud to join this effort".
SecPoint "Open source software brings freedom and possibilities to users that otherwise can not have. LibreOffice is a great alternative running on many platforms. Its design allows for increased productivity for users "said Victor M. Christiansen.
Softcatalà "Softcatalà is a NGO/non-profit association, promoting the use of the Catalan language on computing, Internet, and new technologies. We believe that Free Software is the best option to promote minorized languages, and LibreOffice allows to get the best free office suite in many world languages. We are, therefore, very happy to declare our support for The Document Foundation and LibreOffice project.".
SUSE "LibreOffice is a crucial component of SUSE's Linux Desktop", said Ralf Flaxa, VP Engineering, SUSE, "we wholeheartedly support and sponsor the project, and look forward to LibreOffice doing for the office productivity market what firefox has done for the browser."
Univention "The formation of a vendor-independent community organisation is a major step for safeguarding the long term success of an open source project. We are very excited that this step was now successfully completed for one of the most important open source projects by founding the Document Foundation and by making LibreOffice available." Univention sees LibreOffice as one of the major future parts of its open source desktop solutions and is happy to support The Document Foundation where possible", says Peter H. Ganten, Founder and Director of Univention
ZipfWorks As avid supporters of the open source community, and as a leading global provider of consumer information, BluePromoCode is pleased to be a supporter of LibreOffice and The Document Foundation format. 

If your organisation wishes to actively support the LibreOffice effort, please do craft a short statement, and mail it to info@documentfoundation.org for review.

Grupo Informáticode Ecuador-Sudamérica