Membership Committee

The role of the Membership Committee is defined in the Foundation's Statutes.

The mission of the MC is to administer membership applications and renewals following the criteria defined in the Foundation's Statutes.

Membership Committee 2014 Election Results

 Membership Committee Members

Cor Nouws
Chairman of the Membership Committee

Member Certification Committee, QA, Trainer, Migrations manager

Cor Nouws is one of the founding members of The Document Foundation. Before starting with LibreOffice, Cor Nouws has contributed for years to, among others as community representative in the Community Council. For LibreOffice he continues supporting marketing, QA and other areas, as he did before the free-making of His involvement in the free office community is a natural combination with his position as founder of the Dutch consulting firm Nou&Off, leading in training and migrations for OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

David Emerich Jourdain

Member Certification Committee, List moderator

David is helping with the LibreOffice (and with TDF) since the beginning,since he is a founding member from TDF. But he is also helping since 2007, when the OpenOffice was needing a pt_BR translation. On that moment, he involved some college students from the University where he worked and, in a few weeks, they already had a fully pt_BR translation for OpenOffice.

With a few years of experience in applications processes, not only in OpenSource communities, but also at University Programs and International Research Programs for IT, he has done over 100 lectures for over Brazil,Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, teaching how to set up research groups to FLOSS, and he also have established relationships with other research institutions and/or Universities in USA and Germany, to foment andto promote joint tech development programs, always under free licenses.Right now, he is also coordinating a research team for open technologies. He is one of the translators from the LibreOffice Magazine Brazil, where he is writing articles for this magazine since the first edition and is also helping TDF as list moderator for pt_BR.


Klaus-Jürgen Weghorn
Member Certification Committee

Starting with the comment "There is a mistake on webpage" on German mailing list Klaus-Jürgen as a normal user got involved step by step in the project work of and LibreOffice; first in localized and later in international work of wiki, website, design, documentation and marketing.


Charles-H Schulz


Charles-H Schulz has been one of the co-founders of the LibreOfficeproject and used to be a contributor of the project.These days he is mostly involved in comms and marketing for the community.


Gabriele Ponzo

Early adopter from StarOffice time, he joined Progetto Linguistico Italiano OpenOffice during the 2009 Conference in Orvieto, and has been part of community until LibreOffice was born. Training and support are his most activities and he's been working on LibreUmbria project as a teacher.

Co-founder of LibreItalia, where he's also in the BoD. His contributions are mostly in speaking at conferences, some translation and user support in italian mailing list. He's been also a radio speaker for many years and hopes to help with speech on explaining videos and e-learning objects, as well as to be soon a certified trainer and participate to more migrations.

Andras Timar
Deputy member

Andras Timar started to work on Hungarian localization of in 2002. He joined the LibreOffice project on the first day and started to work on localization related issues, including tools and infrastructure. He worked full time as a paid developer with the SUSE LibreOffice Team from April, 2011 to August, 2013, and he has been contracted by Collabora Ltd. since then. His LibreOffice related activities included coordination of localizations, release engineering, hacking on Windows installer, hacking on localization tools, general bugfixing, and mentoring students.